With an Apostille you can validate a document so you can use it outside of Puerto Rico or the United States.


Basic Questions

An Apostille is a government certification that is added to legalize a document so that it can be valid abroad. In the case of Puerto Rico, if you are going to use the document in the United States, you do not need the Apostille.

For example, if you have a Birth Certificate from Puerto Rico that you are going to use in another country, let's say in Mexico, you will have to add the Apostille. In other words, in order for such a Certificate to be valid outside Puerto Rico or the United States, it is required to add the Apostille.

  • Certificates from the PR Demographic Registry: only originals. This ensures that you will have no problems in the country where you are going to use your documents.
  • Diplomas or Transcripts: these documents require that we first obtain an additional Certification, usually issued by the Department of State, at a cost of $75 each, which will be automatically added to your order at the time of payment. As for the Diploma, just in case, we never apostille the original, just the copy.
  • Private Documents: you are required to add an Affidavit to your order and then send us the original, plus a copy, to the postal address that will appear on the screen after payment.
  • Judgments: only the Certified Copy (with the original Internal Revenue stamps affixed at the end of the document).

If you already have the document you need to apostille, just place your order by clicking on "Add to Cart" above. After paying, you will automatically see on the screen the postal address where you should send the document to be apostilled.

If it is a Certificate from the PR Demographic Registry, and it is already in your hands, it is important that it has an "issue date" of July 1, 2010 on wards. However, if you wish to preserve the Certificate you already have in your possession, for any possible future use, then you can add a new one to your order.

If it is any other document, please check first at the top of this page to see if it is on the list of documents to which the Apostille can be applied. If in doubt, please send us a message through our contact page.

If you no still have the document to be apostilled, then you must first add it to your order if it is a Demographic Registry Certificate.

If it is a different document that we can obtain, such as a judgment from a Puerto Rico court, then you must also add a Certified Copy to your order.

Additional Questions

Normal" processing time is 10 working days . We also have an "urgent" or "super urgent" service(5 or 3 working days, respectively), for an additional cost at checkout.

In addition, the shipping time (i.e., the time it takes for the mail to arrive) will depend on the mail service you choose ("Priority" or "Express"). We ship anywhere in the world. For PR or USA, we use the federal mail system ("US Postal Service"). International shipments are through FedEx® or UPS®.

This document is automatically output in both languages (English and Spanish).

The shipping cost will be automatically calculated according to the address you enter at the end of your order. We ship anywhere in the world. For PR or USA, we use the federal mail system (Priority or Express) . International shipments are through FedEx® or UPS®.

If, even after reading the information on this page, you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions section. If you do not find an answer to your question there, then you can send us a message through our contact form.

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    Satisfied with the work Thank you very much

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    I live in the city of Merida, state of Yucatan, Mexico. I am applying for Mexican citizenship, with which I would have dual citizenship. Apostilling a birth certificate, two in my case, was a mystery to me. The apostilled certificates came in a clear plastic envelope, inside the FedEx cardboard envelope. Very elegant!

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  9. Marc Joseph S. (verified owner)

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