Frequently Asked Questions about Certificates and Apostilles

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions

An Apostille is a certification that is added to a document so that it can be used in another country. An Apostille can validate or legalize a public or private document for use abroad. For example, a Birth Certificate from Puerto Rico so that it can be used in Mexico. The Apostille is sometimes also known as the "Hague Apostille" after the international agreement that gave way to its use, the "Hague Convention" of 1961. Today, most countries in the world are signatories to the Convention. When you place your order, the system will ask you in which country your document will be used.
No. If it is a Birth Certificate, for example, in Puerto Rico both words have the same meaning.
If you do not yet have a Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Single or even Death Certificate, we can get it for you immediately as we are legal representatives. We can also get a Certified Copy to apply the Apostille to most court documents, including divorce decrees. In this case, the important thing is that you were one of the parties as these are confidential documents.
The cost will depend on the product or service you choose. For example, the Apostille costs $150, which includes all paperwork and fees. Other internet providers charge between $200 y $320 for every Apostille and they don't even offer the same speed as us. We take care of the entire process, from obtaining your Certificate, if you include it in your order, to the Apostille. If you would like us to obtain your Birth Certificate as well, the current cost is $125 (regular price is $150). The price includes all paperwork and fees. The cost of the rest of the Certificates will depend on which one you need but it is detailed on each of our pages.
Our prices include a professional, personalized, secure and faster service than any other website. The costs reflect the time and effort it takes to make the arrangements in person. This includes waiting in lines at agencies in Puerto Rico, the cost of any fees or taxes to be paid, processing your order, and finally mailing everything. If you want to read reviews from previous customers, you can take a look at the comments at the bottom of each page of the documents we offer.
The cost will depend on the service you choose (Priority or Express). When you enter your address, the system will automatically calculate the cost of the shipment. In general, the cost to the United States is between $15-$35. For international shipments, the cost will depend on the country where the document goes (via FedEx®).
Once you place your order for a Certificate, you will automatically receive an "AUTHORIZATION FORM" by email. This letter must be printed, signed and attached with a copy of your current identification (license or passport). It is important that your signature is the same as that on your ID or the application will be rejected by the Registry. We are sorry but electronic signatures are not accepted.
The answer will depend on the number of Certificates or documents that need to be apostilled. One (1) Apostille is required for each Certificate or document. For example, if you have two (2) Certificates or documents, you should make sure that your order indicates "2" Apostilles. Remember that the cost is for each Apostille.
It depends. Through us, as attorneys, we can get your Vital Statistics Certificate within 10 to 21 days, depending on the document you choose (Other websites can take several months). (Other websites can take several months.) Each Certificate we offer has detailed on its respective page the average time it will take to obtain it; check. In addition, the shipping time will depend on the courier; for the US or PR, we use the US Postal Service (USPS) for which you can choose Priority or Express. For the rest of the world, we use Federal Express (FedEx®). In addition, for some of the documents we offer, we have the option of an extra "express" service, with a 5 business day turnaround, plus shipping time. If your document qualifies for this service, this alternative will automatically appear on the screen at the time of checkout.
For your convenience and security, we accept all major credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept PayPal® and, if necessary, WesternUnion®. Payment in advance is required. All transactions are secure as we have the highest standards of data transmission.
Generally when one applies for a Certificate it is for oneself. However, there are times when you are required to request a Certificate from someone else, such as a Death Certificate. This, like all other Certificates, cannot be issued to just anyone. Below are the persons who are entitled by law to apply for a Demographic Registry Certificate (such applicants are referred to in the law as "interested parties"): "INTERESTED PARTY: Means the registrant, if eighteen (18) years of age or older, his or her father, mother, legal representative, legal guardian, or the registrant's heirs.
No, just by exception. To ensure the most accurate processing, and that the information you provide about your credit or debit card and shipping address is the most secure, the recommended method for placing your order is online. Our page has been programmed to make the process a safe, simple and easy to use one. However, if you have any special situation, you can contact us to let us know.
We use the United States Postal Service ("US Postal Service" or "USPS") to send documents. For international shipments, we use FedEx®. Your shipment will arrive in a cardboard envelope to protect the contents. As these are sensitive documents, we can send you your tracking or tracing number so that you can monitor your delivery, if requested.
The time will depend on the country you are shipping to and the service you choose: Priority or Express, both from the U.S. Federal Mail. For the United States, Priority service generally takes 3-4 days, while Express takes 1-2 days. To this must be added the processing time for your particular document. These are estimates, which may vary depending on your address or situations such as weather or pandemics. For the rest of the world, we use Federal Express (FedEx®), which offers time alternatives that you can select at checkout.
If you already have the Certificate, it is important that in order to apply the Apostille, the document has been issued within the last five (5) years. (This is because at the time of the Apostille, the signatures of the officials on the document must be verified) In this case, once you place your order, you must send the Certificate to our address, which will appear on the screen once you make the payment. If you do not yet have the document you need to have apostilled, remember that as legal representatives, we can also get your Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Single, etc. Certificate. If you prefer to send us your Certificate for apostille, you must use the US Postal Service, via "Priority." o "Express.". If you are in another country, you can use any of the major delivery services (FedEx, UPS or DHL). It is important that the envelope you use to send the document is a cardboard one. As soon as you send us your document, we ask you to send us a picture of the envelope with the tracking number or tracking to our email so we can follow up, making sure our address is on the photo.
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We can send your Apostille to the address you specify, in any country in the world. This includes shipping to a country other than the one you are currently in. You only need to specify that shipping address on your order. Make sure the address is correct.
As a general rule, the Apostille should be applied to the original of a document. This is particularly true for Certificates of Registration (e.g., Birth, Marriage, etc.). These documents are considered "vital". There are a few countries that allow copies to be apostilled, but, nevertheless, in order to do this we would have to have the original first, in which case you would have to place your order first and then send us the document to be apostilled by regular mail.
No. In Puerto Rico, the Apostille can only be issued on paper. The PR Apostille has a special embossed stamp and a special rivet or clip that attaches the Apostille to the document. This is for security reasons, to prevent fraud. However, there are some countries that already issue the Apostille in electronic format. This technological advance is not yet available in Puerto Rico or in the vast majority of U.S. jurisdictions.
The 1961 "Hague Convention" is the international treaty that adopted the Apostille system. Currently, most countries in the world are signatories to this Convention. When we process your Apostille, we verify if the country where the document goes is a signatory to the Convention. If it is not, then what is known as a "Certification" applies to it. Both processes (Apostille and Certification) have the same purpose: to legalize the document for international use. For an updated list of the countries that have signed the 1961 "Hague Convention", you can go to the link.
We are the main provider of this type of service in Puerto Rico. We personally go to the agencies and make the arrangements for you. Plus, we're the fastest service on the Internet. Other pages may take 2-8 weeks. In most cases, we guarantee your documents within 1 week of completing your order or within 72 hours in some cases (for an additional cost). Our site is designed to make your experience an easy and effective one. So you don't have to waste your valuable time. We speak your language, Spanish and, if necessary, English. You can check the comments or ratings of our previous customers as they appear on the pages of each of the documents we provide. The owner of this website (Abogado Notario Online) is a licensed attorney in Puerto Rico and New York.
Due to the volume of work, for a better and more efficient handling of the orders, we recommend that the whole process be online. Our system is programmed so that from the comfort of your computer or smart phone, you can place your order easily, quickly and safely. In this way, you will have better control of the process of your order, which being automated, will send your receipt to your email automatically. The website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
At Abogado Notario Online we offer different types of documents and services. As we are lawyers and notaries, we specialize in "Notary Services", which include everything from affidavits to wills. In addition, we work on inheritance cases. For a complete list of services available, you can go to our home page by clicking here or by exploring the menu at the top of this page.
As it is an online service, we can attend to our clients 24 hours a day, if necessary. However, if you do not find an answer to your question in this FAQ section, or under the corresponding page in our website, then you can contact us to try to help you.
If your ID is expired, as legal representatives we can still process your order.
In the case of married women, if your ID is listed under your spouse's last name, you must include a copy of your Marriage Certificate after your order in order to evidence such a change.
No. However, to be on the safe side, you should check with the government or entity requesting the document to confirm whether it is required to be from the last 30, 60, 90 days or any other term that may be required.
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